In healthcare, design includes interdisciplinary operations, patient flow, communication, line of site, thoughtful touchpoints, efficiency, flexibility, supportive technology, organizational cultural, emotional considerations, and much more. ClarkRN can provide your organization with services and consultation to ensure all aspects of the patient and staff experience are integrated into the design and transition planning process.

pens and blueprints

Pre-Design Services

Utilization of Lean methodologies, clinical experience and lessons learned from organizations across the country are key components of this 3 step process to determine your current state environment, opportunities for improvement, and solution ideation with short- and long-term implementation strategies.


  • Lean Tool Utilization
  • Collaborative Group Facilitation
  • Process Documentation
  • Implementation Plan
  • Executive Reports and Dashboards
blueprints and design plans

Design Services

ClarkRN becomes your partner throughout the design phase to translate architectural plans into efficient operations for your new building. We understand the dependencies between staff, patients, technology, metrics, the market and the patient experience and bring that all in throughout the course of your projects.

User Group Support

Process design meets facility design during this exciting phase. The decisions made here will have cost and resource impacts for years to come. It is critical to have a clinical representative “translate” the operational impacts of the new environment design, provide insight into how to think outside the box, and understand best practices through the operational lens. This leads to fewer user changes, decreased cost and increased efficiency.

  • Onsite User Group Enhancement/Facilitation
  • Evidence-Based Design Research Analysis
  • Design Element Analysis Library
  • Lean Methodology Utilization
  • Operational Impact Reports
Floorplan Review

The large amount of experience in Transition and Activation services provides a unique perspective of the ‘real-life’ impacts of the decisions made during the design phase. A detailed operational review of the proposed floorplans will uncover potential bottlenecks, inefficiencies, process gaps, and downstream cost and resource impacts.

  • Detailed Floor Plan Review
  • Table-Top User Sessions
  • Operational Impact Report
  • Documentation and Recommendations
Mockup Simulation Facilitation

Mockup simulation exercises are structured, collaborative, interdisciplinary working sessions coordinated to test the design against the operational assumptions set forth during the design phase. Utilizing a strategic scenario approach, interdisciplinary users are guided through a series of situations to identify the operational impacts of design choices and potential changes needed. These sessions also provide a platform to build consensus and initiate the change management component of moving into a new environment.

  • Simulation Scenario Library
  • Session Facilitation
  • Session Documentation
  • Impact Reports and Recommendations
doctors working on a patient

Post-Design Services

Connecting Design to Transition

ClarkRN provides ongoing continuous guidance as a member of the team during the design phase and beyond. Not all operational plans can be completed during the Design Phase. An important aspect of a successful opening of a new facility it to ensure consistency and continuity after the design is “complete”. This includes ongoing operations planning, technology planning, change order management, data re-analysis, service line placement, utilization re-analysis, culture change support, and an understanding of the inherent dependencies to safeguard the vision and design intent as leadership changes along the project continuum.

Transition and Activation Services

Opening a new healthcare facility is often times a “once in a career” opportunity. The publicity and the amount of work to be completed creates an extreme amount of anxiety within an organization as opening day creeps closer (all the while maintaining fully functional ongoing operations). Bringing a vast amount of Transition and Activation planning experience from across the country allows for a structured and organized approach to guide your organization through the necessary steps to ensure a streamlined and successful opening.

  • Transition and Activation Strategy Roadmap
  • Milestone, Event and Activity Planning Support
  • Workflow Redesign Facilitation
  • Communication Strategy Plan
  • Resource Management Support
  • Staff Preparedness Activities Planning and Support
technology designs

Additional Services

Technology Planning and Integration Consultation

Many technology decisions are not made during design due to the rapidly changing technology and device industry. However, it is important to understand how technology will support and integrate into the environment to avoid underutilization and redundancy upon activation of a new facility. These processes must be thoroughly analyzed, and assumptions must be captured early on, reviewed, and refined as the project continuum progresses. Too often, this work is rushed towards the end of the project that can lead to operational inefficiency, staff frustration and wasted money due to underutilization.

  • Technology Assumptions and Decision Tracker
  • Technology Integration Mapping
  • User Group and Vendor Coordination




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